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Experimental Life-Writing

Colloque international
Quand ? Du 22/04/2022 à 08:30
au 23/04/2022 à 19:00
Où ? Université de Wroclaw (Pologne) et en ligne
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The capacious category of life-writing accommodates conventional biography and autobiography – with their insistence on linearity, coherence and a stable sense of the self – as well as auto/biographical works that embrace digital media, mix genres and break down neat life narratives into fragments. In order to give a name to the disruptive strand of the auto/biographical tradition, Irene Kacandes has proposed the term “experimental life-writing,” which encompasses texts employing an unconventional formal device “for the purposes of fact or of enhancing, reinforcing or drawing attention to the referential level.”

The aim of the conference is to theorize, historicize and exemplify the still very fresh critical notion of experimental life-writing.

International conference organised by Wojciech Drąg (University of Wrocław) and Vanessa Guignery (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)


The conference will take place at the University of Wrocław and on Zoom. Please fill out the online form to get the link:


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